Modern Populace is a collection of people organizing to advance citizenship and improve representative democracy in the United States. We develop strategies and tools to:

  • Increase civic activity
  • Catalyze political change
  • Advance competent leaders

Our goal is to establish a new political era and recast Congress. We believe this will only happen when neighbors work together and demonstrate their collective wisdom and power.

And we have the strategy to make this happen. Contribute your skills to rebuilding America’s political culture from the ground up and fight for real debate, competent leadership, and common sense policy solutions.



We help people contribute to positive political change. Our programs focus on building democracy where you live — not showering Washington with money and attention. Contribute your skills to programs that advance citizenship and bring neighbors together.

Directly addressing the nation’s weaknesses, we are focused on:

  • Defining responsibilities of citizenship
  • Encouraging open public discourse
  • Organizing congressional districts
  • Increasing primary turnout

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As Wisconsin natives, Robert Beets and Benjamin Hart have seen the brilliance of bipartisanship and the destructive consequence of partisan politics. The realization that the turmoil in Wisconsin was spread across the entire country led them to found Modern Populace.

Robert Beets, Madison rooftop
Robert Beets

Madison, Wisconsin

Benjamin Hart, brick wall interior setting
Benjamin Hart

Washington, District of Columbia


We have many ongoing projects that need dedicated volunteers. If you have a passion for politics and a few free hours a month, we’d love to hear from you.



Modern Populace develops strategies and tools to organize and advance citizenship to improve representative democracy.

We envision America to be a nation of free people committed to advancing and capable of maintaining a just and lasting society.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Organize and increase civic activity among non-mobilized voters
  • Improve public discourse on issues essential to maintaining democracy
  • Recast governing bodies with virtuous, independent-minded representatives


Help us develop strategies and campaigns that actually improve politics.