Develop strategies and tools to organize and advance citizenship to improve representative democracy.


A nation of free people committed to advancing and capable of maintaining a just and lasting society.

Goals and objectives

Organize and increase civic activity among non-mobilized voters

  • Establish a new shared national purpose to improve government
  • Raise awareness about the root causes of political dysfunction
  • Provide tools and organizing opportunities to create positive political change
  • Direct activity toward programs successfully driving social and political change

Recast governing bodies with virtuous, independent-minded representatives

  • Establish virtue and independence as essential qualities of political leadership
  • Organize an independent electoral counterweight to the major political parties
  • Advance and support leaders who can govern independently in a partisan climate

Improve public discourse on issues essential to maintaining democracy

  • Establish expectation that representatives explain their policy positions and votes
  • Profile tactics and policy ideas that can adequately address underlying problems
  • Encourage journalists to reliably cover problems, causes, and interventions
  • Increase the use of open-access platforms fostering intelligent debate