District Organizing

The parties are locked in a stalemate for power and a majority of activists trying to end gridlock spend their time with elected officials. Everyone fundraises continuously, claiming donations can fix these problems.

Yet showering the political system with money has only increased partisanship and produced representatives who don’t break ranks even when it’s good for their constituents or the country. 

National politics will only change when people focus their attention locally. 

Members of the House are selected by the 700,000 people living in each congressional district. This is the most important battleground in our representative democracy and it’s where any person can have the most influence on how the federal government works. 

That’s why our strategy focuses on building local, independent power. 

Unlike the parties, we want neighbors with vastly different views to work together. We want candidates to have meaningful debates. We also expect representatives to consider the needs of all constituents in their district — not just a small group of activists or campaign donors. 

Congressional districts

Our efforts concentrate on district politics, not national dysfunction. Improving local culture and mobilizing voting power will strike at the root causes of political division we see nationally.

This is how to build democracy from the ground up. And to support this movement, we’ve developed tools to help you and your independent-minded district neighbors organize locally.

Priority districts

We are currently refining our methodology and selecting priority districts for the upcoming election cycle. Let us know where you’re from and how you’d like to get started organizing your neighbors for the next election.

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