There are no easy solutions to America’s political turmoil. Every person has the capacity to champion a new political culture.

Local power and trust will be the foundation of our future democracy. It is critical that our investments support local institutions and practices that benefit everyone for many years to come — not just the parties and candidates of today.

Founding populace

Americans differ in many ways, but there is broad agreement our government is failing. To fix it, we need to set ambitious goals everyone can share regardless of political affiliation or ideology. 

That’s our vision for a modern populace — a nonpartisan banner under which we can establish a common political understanding and work together to build a functioning government.

We are not a third party. Political parties compete with each other for a limited number of votes and finite amount of institutional power. They are not intended to — nor will they ever — serve the interests of the entire nation. 

We are working to grow the overall power of the populace, and we will only entrust that power to virtuous leaders. This requires coordinated local actions building toward national solidarity.

Mission + Goals

District organizing 

Every two years, you and 700,000 neighbors are responsible for electing someone to the U.S. House of Representatives. Most candidates are selected, trained, and run by party leaders with little local input or the concerns of the district. This approach continues to produce very costly campaigns, candidates completely loyal to their party, and a divided government.

To address the nation’s problems, the people need a functioning Congress that deliberates and enacts legislation. This requires public officials who can develop policy and function independent of their political party. We need elected officials who can faithfully serve the interests of their constituents and the nation. 

We cannot rely on the parties to produce these representatives or to maintain a healthy Congress. They are too focused on fundraising, elections, and short-term political gains. In prioritizing the pursuit of power, they end up valuing one’s loyalty over their ability.

We believe it’s critical to increase competition and minimize these mis-aligned incentives. Learn how we are working in congressional districts across the country to mobilize people — empowering them to identify and reward competence, virtue, and leadership ability.


Primary nominations

A core goal of our work is to advance leaders not indebted to their party. We need representatives who can break ranks when a policy priority or bill is in the best interest to the most people. If elected officials truly owe their job to the people — rather than the party bosses — Congress will be able to enact legislation that addresses the nation’s biggest problems.

The only way to elect leaders who will legislate independently, is to take back nominating control from the parties. People across a district — from all political backgrounds and faiths — must work together to overwhelm the parties during primary elections. 

Learn about the strategic voting initiatives we are organizing.


Civic framework

As the bedrock of this democracy shifts under our feet, it’s important that we identify the essential components of citizenship and craft a vision to guide the aspirations of our nation.

To this effort we have put forth a list of foundational principles — a bill of responsibilities — which can be carried out by the populace through individual and collective action.  

Learn why this is a critical step to improving our political culture.


Common interest

America is the people. Yet when the elections are over, it is the parties, activists, corporations, lobbyists, and special interests that primarily decide how the country is run.

We can overwhelm their broken political system by organizing independently of the parties and actively participating in every campaign, every election, and throughout every term.

Political culture will not change until the people change their relationship with politics. The partisan stalemate will end if people resolve to work together for the common good.

Contribute your skills to rebuilding political culture from the ground up